Firstly, I am a proud father of four children. They are kept clean, fed and amused by a very supportive partner. To maintain my (selfish) hobby of riding a motorbike and to keep my family afloat, I indulge in my passion of photography.

Photography and film is all about meeting people and gaining new experiences. I've long enjoyed watching the way people interact with each other or within their environment. It is about capturing those moments.

I gained a degree in Film and Photography at Newport College Gwent. This education gave me a real insight into what it takes to capture and create strong imagery, the skills I turn to on each and every commission.

After graduating I started my professional career as a staff newspaper photographer in South Wales. Relocating to Manchester in 1998, I have been freelancing for a variety of clients with commissions ranging from news events, magazine assignments, music to business features.


I have extended my photographic service to cover film commissions. My film school knowledge and varied assignments over a 17 year period are now playing an important role in my ability to direct and create productions that are visually strong and engaging. I am also fortunate to be working with Andrew Swarbrick, a broadcast editor with over twenty years experience in the film and TV industry. His skill, insight and experience help me to deliver creative, cost effective but broadcast TV quality media. Further information regarding film productions can be viewed here; www.jasonlockproductions.co.uk


I am always keen to gain further knowledge of the industry and that interest led me to being invited to join the board at the photographic organisation, Redeye. Redeye offers me the chance to have an insight into the industry, be inspired by the knowledge of fellow board members and work alongside creative professionals who are dedicated to their craft.


Through Redeye I was able to get involved with establishing Photomobile. Photomobile is a mobile dark room that delivers the experience of analogue printing and digital photography skills to a wide demographic of communities, schools and arts organisations.


I had the opportunity to be taught by great teachers, thus, I enjoy sharing this knowledge with the new generation of image-makers. I lecture on a regular basis at the University of Salford, specialising in the delivery of Editorial modules. Sharing my passion for photography with enthusiastic students maintains a further drive to develop my personal understanding as an image-maker.


I have recently been recognised by Blackmagic Design who are encouraging my further development into film. They offer their immense industry knowledge, experience and technical support, of which, I am extremely grateful.

Jason Lock